Musician. Producer. Composer. Singer-Songwriter
Ed Privat is a French singer-songwriter, producer and musician based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
He is a Soul man with a very unique vocal signature but also loves mixing genres together. He is very influenced by the new waves of Lofi artists and DYI music that emerged in the late 2000s.
He is a self-made man, with a clear idea in mind, producing a sound of its own, raw and timeless, paving the way for other aspiring musicians

Ed Privat is recording a new EP "Aimee"(loved), with an initial date of release around February 2019. It is currently recorded in South Africa, collaborating with worldwide producers through the blockchain.

He has performed with renown artists such as Al Jarreau, Tom Jones, or Rihanna on live TV and big stages (L'Olympia and others)

Ed Privat currently has a solo act that he has been working on for the last years, where he blends beatbox, guitar, percussion and singing building up a full fleshed song right before the audience in a fusion of Soul music, rap, Jazz, pop, or Dancehall.

He also has a quartet/quintet band ready for any events, that requires a full orchestration with the best musicians worldwide.

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